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Azoteq IQS263 offers 3-keys and a bi-directional slider in a small package
Thursday, 03 December 2015 10:40

The IQS263 ProxSense® IC is a 3-channel projected (or self) capacitive proximity and touch controller with best in class sensitivity, signal to noise ratio and power consumption which comes in a MSOP10 and DFN package.

It can be configured as a three channel slider or scroll wheel (Figure 1).

3-channel scroll wheel, slider and 3 keys designs for wearables


When configured as a slider, the IQS263 supports common gestures (tap, left swipe and right swipe gestures). The fast sample rate of 80Hz ensures that fast flicks are recognized.

Proximity wakeup allows for very low power consumption (3µA) until the user interacts with the product, making it ideal for battery applications.
The IQS263 also features a unique movement sensor that prevents stuck conditions.

The device can alternatively be configured as a two channel slider with one key, use the third channel for long range proximity detection, create multiple buttons implementing a slider, or as 3 simple capacitive keys.
The small package of IQS263 and low power consumption make it very suitable for wearable devices having little space and small batteries. Additionally, its gesture support makes slider features easier to implement for the user.


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