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Seltech provides a wide range of acoustic components split into 3 groups:

    • Speakers & Receivers:
      • Micro-size speakers
      • Audio & telecom speakers
      • Speaker boxes
      • Dynamic receivers
      • Balanced armature receivers
    • Microphones:
      • Electret condenser microphones
      • MEMS microphones
      • Specialty transducer microphones
    • Accelerometers & Dampers

and also customized acoustic products

Our acoustic components are widely used in various applications such as Mobile phones, Computing, Consumer Electronics, Telecommunication, Automotive & Hands-free car kits, Medical, Intercom, Conference system, Industrial, Fire and Security, Toys & Gaming, Military, Avionic and many other applications ...

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Our historical partner and supplier on acoustics is Knowles Sound Solutions (former NXP BL Sound Solutions).
Knowles Sound Solutions is a leader and trendsetter in acoustic components for mobile, portable and generally for applications which request best quality sound in tiny systems.

With more than 20 years of experience in acoustics, Seltech’s acoustic engineers can help you in the critical phase of the design by providing in-depth application support so that you can get out of your application the best possible sound!

On our website, you can find an overview of our acoustic product range.
Additionally, our acoustic catalog is available on request. Please ask for our catalogue.

Seltech can also provide cost effective custom acoustic products. For more details, please click here.

So, whatever your acoustic sound requirements and applications are, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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