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Knowles Booms

Booms groupKnowles' boom microphones are designed for either flexible or rigid configurations and offer such performance options as noise rejection and high-frequency crossover of near and far field responses.

Collaboration with commercial, governmental and industrial designers is producing new helmet applications for aircraft, military, first responder and high-noise manufacturing environments.

Headset booms allow the microphone to be placed in the near field, where a noise canceling microphone responds the difference in acoustic pressure. The combination of a good close-talking microphone element and close proximity to the mouth provides excellent signal to noise even in extremely noisy conditions.

Those boom microphone assemblies are mainly used in :

    • Lightweight noise-canceling headset for telephony, computer speech recognition, or other indoor use (Security, Police, Fire, Dispatcher etc.)
    • Helmet or face mask integration
    • Radio communication (Aviation, Industrial, In-ear, Professional, Military)
    • And Sensor (Shot detection, Unattended Ground Sensors)

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Several series of boom & sensor microphones are available : W, U, I, O, M, R, F and H.

W, U, I, O, M and R series are boom microphone assembly:

    • W series – smaller footprint, lighter weight offering noise cancellation and IP67 rating
    • I series – noise cancelling with self-powered microphone element
    • M series – noise cancelling, waterproofing to IP68 rating
    • R series – designed for aviation customers looking for TSO/RTCA compatible noise cancelling electret microphone

W, O, M and R series are mainly built-in with EK, NR and WP specialty transducer microphones.
U series are built-in with FG and DFG specialty transducer microphones.
I series are built-in with BJ specialty transducer microphones.

F and H series are sensor microphone assembly:

    • F series – Panel mount design for outdoor applications
    • H series – Designed for use in outdoor sensor arrays for fixed or mobile installations. Detects time of arrival and acoustic signature for source triangulation and identification

Both F and H series are built-in with highly sensitive EK or WP specialty transducer microphones.

Please navigate into the different series (right buttons) to find the best boom microphone suitable for your application. Our acoustic engineers are also there to help you so please do not hesitate to contact us.



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