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Knowles Booms - U Series

boom u-seriesDesigned for Pro-Audio customers who are looking for a micro boom headset that emphasizes the noise canceling & Uni electret element in a metal EMI shielded housing

    • Available in Noise Canceling, Uni and Omni Directional
    • Waterproof options down to 3m using VFG elements

Metal head design with metal bendable and metal fl exible booms

    • Available in 2.8mm down to 1.0mm diameter metal fl exible booms

News anchors, professors, professional lecturers, aerobic instructors other communication headsets

    • Designed for small over the ear, wrap around the head designs for professional speakers

Designed for the FG, VFG and DFG elements series


 Model Picture Rating Microphone element Directivity Boom Length Tip-To-Tip(mm) Exit Wire Legth (mm) Nominal Boom Dia. (mm) Microphone configuration
FB-MU-30749-000 FB-MU-30749-000 IP54 DFG-30445-000 Super Cardioid Uni-directional 115 18 1.0 2-WIRE
FB-MU-31024-000 FB-MU-31024-000 IP54 DFG-30851-000 Noise Canceling 115 18 1.0 2-WIRE
FB-MU-31025-000 FB-MU-31025-000 3m VFG-30747-000 Omni-directional 115 18 1.0 3-WIRE
FB-AU-31214-000 FB-AU-31214-000 IP54 DFG-30851-000 Noise Canceling 140 18 2.4 2-WIRE
FB-BU-31193-000 FB-BU-31193-000 IP54 DFG-30851-001 Noise Canceling 115 18 2.8 2-WIRE
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