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Accelerometers & Dampers

Seltech offers also sensors & acessories from our partner Knowles Acoustics.
Knowles’ sensors include accelerometers and ultrasonic sensors.
Knowles’ accessories are acoustic dampers and wax protection.

Row of accelerometer ultrasonic sensor dampers wax protection

Accelerometers are frequently used as contact microphones for radio communications in high noise environments such as firefighting or combat.
The accelerometers reproduce voice signals from vibrations at the throat or from bony parts of the head, and are
compatible with helmet or headset applications.

Ultrasonic sensors are based on Knowles’ MEMS silicon surface mount microphone technology.
While Knowles’ industry-leading MEMS silicon surface mount microphone technology, in bottom port configuration offer flat frequency response in the standard audio bandwidth, they are also capable to support even higher frequency bands. Sensor designs are possible across a wide spectrum of applications requiring highly miniaturized solutions for sensing and actuation/signaling.

Acoustic dampers are acoustic cloth screens for insertion inside acoustic tubing. These damping elements are used between the receiver outlet and the ear canal to smoothen the frequency response.

Wax protection prolongs hearing instrument performance. As the leading designer of hearing aid components,Knowles offers several ways for device manufacturers and end users to effectively address wax buildup. Solutions include WaxBuster and MicroWaxBuster push-piston wax removal systems, and NoWax disposable filter-replacement system.


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