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Speakers & Receivers

As speakers & receivers, Seltech provides :

    • Knowles micro-size speakers (also called miniature dynamic speakers)
    • Knowles dynamic receivers (also called hearing capsules or ear-piece speakers)
    • Audio & telecom speakers (also called loudspeakers)
    • Knowles balanced armature receivers (also called BAX receivers or subminiature speakers)

Micro size spk groupDynamic receiver group without Ultima 140 x 102spkrcv3ST Subminiature spk group

Knowles micro-size speakers and Knowles dynamic receivers are designed to maximize space efficiency and provide superior audio performance for voice and music in small, slim consumer devices, such as mobile handsets or smartphones.

Knowles dynamic receivers are available for narrow or wide band applications in various sizes and performance levels, which can be finely tuned to meet your specific requirements.

Features :

      • High quality and robustness
      • Maximized space efficiency
      • Excellent audio performance-to-size ratio
      • Optimized for all mobile sound applications (handsfree and ringtone)
      • Multi-functional devices including vibration
      • Dedicated application support

To assure highest quality standards, Knowles' micro-size speakers and dynamic receivers are manufactured in a process that uses 100% in-line measurement of all specified acoustical and electrical parameters.

Seltech has completed the Knowles' range of micro-size speakers with larger size high quality speakers called either audio & telecom speakers or loudspeakers.

Seltech provides an extensive selection of loudspeakers (Flat, FXD, Rectangular, Oval, Round, Square, Wide band etc.) with many different contact options.

And now, Seltech offers balanced armature receivers from Knowles Acoustics.

Knowles balanced armature receivers are based on balanced armature technology (BAX), utilized in a variety of high performance audio and communication products. They can be designed to fit inside ear molds, attach to earpieces, or be sub-assembled by Knowles for premium consumer electronics accessories.


      • Balanced-armature, magnetic technology
      • High efficiency, stability, and reliability
      • Customizable performance and port locations
      • Ideal for premium in-ear designs
      • Component and subassembly solutions

Dedicated support is provided to realize the optimal sound performance in your application. Please feel free to contact us for the best acoustic support.


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