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Capacitive sensors

ProxSense® Proximity & Touch technology:

SELTECH provides capacitive proximity and touch sensors from the company AZOTEQ.


Azoteq ProxSense® family of Proximity and Touch sensors are capacitive sensors with high sensitivity. Capacitive sensing technology is used in various applications due to their significant advantages. The ProxSense® family of sensors allows for cost saving, lowest standby power consumption, improved user interface and design aesthetics.

Azoteq technology can work through a wide variety of non-conductive material including wood and thick glass as well as prevents deterioration of push-buttons over time.

High sensitivity proprietary circuits, which are a combination of advance analog sensing and digital signal processing yields a highly stable and sensitive sensor, allow measuring the capacitance on an electrode.The sense electrode (also called electrode, or button) is usually made of copper pours on PCB, but can be a length of wire, glass with a conductive surface of any electrically conductive object.

Azoteq extensive portfolio has solutions that provide touch and proximity detection, with single- and multi-channels sensors, allowing slider and wheel solutions, movement detection and trackpads. Their technology can also work on single layer ITO touch screens, miniature touchpads for remote controls and wearable devices. Azoteq chipsets use surface and projected capacitive sensing technologies.

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ProxSense® Capacitive Proximity Sensor Technology is further enhanced with these unique features:

    • Internal Capacitor Implementation (ICI) – Reference capacitor on-chip
    • Auto Tuning Implementation (ATI) - Automatic adjustment for optimal performance
    • DYCAL™ sensor with intelligent hysteresis
    • RF noise detection and RF immunity
    • AC Noise filtering
    • Driven Shield
    • Integration of external component

Azoteq have more than 39 patents issued and pending on capacitive sensors technology and the proximity and touch user interfaces.

Azoteq’s sensors are used in many applications such as:

    • SAR detection for tablets and mobile phones
    • White goods and appliances
    • Human Interface Devices
    • Medical and test equipment
    • Remote Controls
    • LCD TV
    • Security robot
    • Water Heater ...


Azoteq applications 

Azoteq’s sensors are fully compliant with the European RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC.





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