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Proximity & touch sensors

SELTECH provides the Proximity & Touch sensors mentionned in the following table.
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*) SAR = Specific absorption rate
**) DYCAL ™ = Dynamic calibration technology which allows the sensor to track environmental changes during prolonged periods of activation

 Controller IC Picture Description Package Application Capacitance Channels Interface
IQS127D IQS127D Proximity & touch, ATI TSOT23-6 1 key Self 1 Direct
IQS128 IQS128 DYCAL™** sensor with intelligent hysteresis TSOT23-6 1 key Self 1 Direct
IQS133 IQS133 3 Channel differentiated touch and proximity outputs MSOP-10 3 keys Self 3 Direct
IQS213A IQS213A Swipeswitch MSOP-10 Swipe + keys Self & Mutual 3 Direct / I²C
IQS227AS IQS227AS Proximity & touch, ATI TSOT23-6 1 key Self 1 Direct
IQS228AS IQS228AS Touch, proximity, DYCAL™** TSOT23-6 1 key Self 1 Direct
IQS229 IQS229 SAR*, movement DFN10-3x3 SAR* sensor Self 1 Direct
IQS232 IQS232 Configurable 2-channel sensor SO-8 2 keys Self 2 Direct
IQS253A IQS253A 3 Channel touch and proximity DYCAL™** MSOP-10 3 keys Self & Mutual 3 I²C
IQS263 IQS263 3 key slider with movement sensor MSOP-10 3 keys Self & Mutual 3 I²C
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