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2014 25th anniversary!
2014 European & Asian distribution contract with Azoteq for capacitive sensors
2013 European distribution contract with Ethertronics for antennas
2013 Extended distribution & rep contract for Knowles Hearing aid products
2011 Worldwide distribution of Knowles MEMS microphones
2010 Seltech opened a second office in Shenzhen - China
2010 Sales partnership with SAMSUNG LED on LEDs and IPDiA on Integrated passives
2009 Seltech celebrated its first 20 years of activity
2009 European & US distribution contract with SECO on Embedded Computers
2008 Seltech establishes office in Nanjing – China
2006 Seltech elected as "NXP Semiconductors specialized distributor"
2006 Seltech establishes office in Raleigh - USA
2002 Agent contract with PSS for Hi Fi Automotive systems
2002 European distribution contract with Onkyo for 64mm speakers
2001 European distribution contract with Philips RF Solutions
1996 European distribution contract with Philips Displays
1995 Agent contract with PSS for South Europe customers
1993 European distribution contract with Philips Sound Solutions (PSS)
1992 French distribution contract with Philips Components for CRTs, transformers & coils, speakers and tuners
1989 Establishment


questionmark 53We are a specialized international distributor on the professional market.


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