KNOWLES - Programming accessories

Microphone Serie Picture Dimensions (mm) Features Intro
0009 connector sockets 2.1 x 2.2 (3.15 Flange Dia) • Compatible with all standard cable assemblies
• 3-, 4- or 5-pin terminals available
• Multiple socket cap styles and colors available
• Insulated leads
• Terminal flexible or rigid
• Socket covers available in different styles and colors
Sockets offer compatibility with all standard programming cable assemblies while offering a variety of tab and flange configurations to satisfy custom installation requirements.
009P programming cables 50cm L, 75cm L, 150cm L, 200cm L, or 250cm L • Industry standard micro-plug
• Gold plated contacts provide high durability
• High quality flexible cables
• High quality strain relief, test to 10,000 bends
• Optional color dot marking
• Choice of plug colors
• Choice of mini-DIN style
Programming cables can be designed to suit standard or unique interfaces, including SMT socket styles.
9201 programming flex grip with socket cables 25mm L or 200mm L • Compatible replacement parts for all current flex programming systems
• Improved design increases flexibility and reduces contact breaks
• Space saving solution: no socket in the hearing aid
• The battery and the battery door need not be removed during programming of the hearing aid
Improved cable design features increased flexibility and contact durability.