SELTECH - Speaker boxes

Small back volume, Rub & Buzz, and Distortion are the challenges often encountered during speaker integrations.

To help customers overcome these acoustic issues, Seltech has strengthened its capabilities and its dedicated engineering team in order to support the integration of standard and customized speaker boxes.

Why use a speaker box?

  • Fixed closed back volume: Because a speaker is very sensitive to its environment, the fixed back volume of the box will ensure the consistency of the speaker performance and will avoid Larsen effect on microphone.
  • Optimized acoustic design: Via simulation and prototyping, Seltech can propose the best design of the acoustic solution taking performance and space limitations into account.
  • Reliable quality control: Precise equipment and trained personnel will measure and control each speaker box to ensure its performance and quality.
  • Easier integration: A speaker box is always easier to integrate than a core speaker due to its robustness and its adapted connectivity.

The level of customization of Seltech’s speaker boxes is high and adapted to each customer’s requirements:

  • Many shapes possible: square, curved, high complexity, low profile…
  • Many kinds of connectivity: cables, connectors, inserted molding, pogo pins…
  • Many speakers: Seltech has a wide range of core speaker types adapted to each situation
  • Many features: N’Bass integrated, amplifier integrated…

Our speaker boxes are used in many applications such as :

  • Smartphones
  • Standard / Rugged / Specialty tablets
  • AR / VR
  • Medical
  • IoT
  • Smart Home
  • etc...

If you have space limitations, loudness requirements and integration issues, please send us your project. Our dedicated team can adapt to your planning and provide you the optimized speaker box based on your needs.