Waterproof solutions

Nano-coating: Water and sweat protection from IPx4 to IPx7

Europlasma’s mission is to supply innovative nano-coating solutions based on proprietary low pressure plasma technology. Through more than twenty-two years of experience, the company has been able to optimize this process to an industrial scale, unmatched in the industry.

What is the nano-coating?

The ultra-thin coating process is performed in vacuum and starts from a molecular gaseous precursor allowing the coating to penetrate throughout complex structures. It covers all surfaces including sharp edges, deep cavities and hard to reach areas by standard liquid coatings solutions. All of this without stressing delicate features of items being coated such as acoustic components!

This unique technology provides a three-dimensional protection from IPx4 to IPx7 for electronics and textiles.

What are the technical advantages with Europlasma ?

  • Ultra-thin protection layer allows for slim designs. This is more pronounced on small complex devices and is the reason why a growing number of manufacturers of hearing aids and high end wearable audio adopt the technology. Designers want more room to add other technologies!
  • Takes out manual labor, reducing costs, and leaving no room for manual failure, resulting in lowest long term returns
  • Dry and clean production technology for factories and the planet, sharply reducing the amount of process chemicals and water consumption, with a lower CO2 footprint, and exclusion of chemical boosters

What are the applications ?

  • Electronics :
    Our ultra-thin coatings offer permanent water and oil repellency to safeguard smartphones and tablets, outdoor speakers, headphones, wearables, keyboards and basically all kind of electronic devices that are prone to water damage. Sweat protection is the perfect solution for exposed devices such as hearing aids, sport watches…
Nanofics® 110/120 Hydrophobic
Nanofics® S Waterproof with Hydrophobic layer
Nanofics® SE Sweat proof with Hydrophobic layer
  • Textile:
    With nano-coating, apparel and shoes are made truly life-proof, offering the highest level of protection from water and dirt, or enabling the fastest drying effect, without having to sacrifice on the look & feel or the breathability in the way traditional solutions do. This is increasingly used for outdoor, sporting, military or workwear applications.
Plasmaguard Durable water repellent (DWR) coating

Europlasma masters a wide scale of production machines, with plasma chambers for electronic devices ranging from 50 to 500 liters, and chambers for finished textile products from 500 to 2000 liter or more.

Europlasma and Seltech engineers work closely with each single customer to achieve the best possible coating result on their specific product, and to integrate the technology in their specific production lines.